Cantos da Babilónia


Pedro Osório enviou  esta Mensagem (do seu último álbum) dos Espíritos Distantes


3 thoughts on “Cantos da Babilónia

  1. I really like this. There is something wonderfully primal about this. The chant with piano is a surprising delightful pairing. I’ve just hit replay for the third time. I may just have to buy the CD.

    The last time I heard such an unusual pairing that works so so well is between the HILLIARD ENSEMBLE and JAN GARBAREK –

    In short I love it!
    Thats decided – I gotta buy CHANTS FROM BABYLON.

  2. Pedro Osório died recently. He’ll surely enjoy their “Cantos da Babilónia” have come down to your house 🙂 and I? I’m very proud! Later, at home, I listen carefully to the music of the link you sent me.
    So much thank you Mobius

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