As mãos do coração

As mãos da AJUDADA que foram entregues no coração da cidade de Portalegre numa manhã de chuva.

Mãos pintadas e escritas por nós com mensagens encorajadoras as quais oferecemos à população.


A Conexão

E agora vou partilhar convosco um texto que escrevi tendo como inspiração o espírito da AJUDADA. Uma das minhas companheiras desta caminhada, a Annelieke, traduziu-o para inglês, portanto, este é o meu primeiro texto internacional! 🙂

Your Heart is in Your Hands
Marília Ribeiro, Portalegre
Today is March 12, and in Portalegre it continues to rain. These grey days of ceaseless rain we have had lately have been a source of dreams and I will tell you where I found that source.
Last month, António, who has recently become my colleague, invited me to join a meeting where AJUDADA would be presented. I went and got to know a project that wants to highlight what a capitalist society has suffocated in it’s shadow: Sharing, Gift, Collectivity.
I was listening to Filipa when I suddenly understand the underlying message of the logo of AJUDADA – a heart in the palm of an opened hand, a free heart. I understand this message when Filipa, very sadly, tells us a story about a woman that she knows, a woman whom she asked what her dream was. This woman answered her that she did not have dreams anymore, she was only hoping for death to take her away. At that very moment I awakened! It was as if I had received a jolt within me that wagged me and shouted: “I do not want to loose my dreams!”
The following day, I went to work and transmitted the spirit of AJUDADA to my boss. As I am working in a Center for Professional Education, I shared an idea I had with him: awaken the essence of helping in our unemployed students (lots of them suffering from economic hardship and weak self esteem) by inviting them to reflect on what helping/sharing means to them. After that, the ones who would feel the inner wish to help, could be supported by me and my fellow teachers with the realisation of small projects of helping and sharing. My boss was listening and agreed, at the same time full of a torencial “rain” of ideas!
He remembered! – We have treasures stored in a garage:
– spinning wheels ans looms;
– muffle fornaces once used in a course on pottery and tile making;
– potter’s wheels;
– materials for the craft of shoemaking and the art of stonework.
We can take this up and contact an institution that has space available to give all of this a place and start a Handicraft Center for those who want to teach and learn.
He suggested more! – We have an unused piece of land:
The teachers of our Gardening course can use that piece of land to plant vegetables and, from this, catalyze the birth of a comunal garden.
As you already must have understood, I became infected by this highly inspiring virus. These last days, I have been exploring inwards and outwards about what for me is the essence of “my” gift. I know I would like to use it to open a small track, and, building on it, reach the gift of somebody. If only I could touch one person with my hand, maybe this person, becoming aware of his or her heart awakening, touches with his or her hand another person and…..
We will go where our heart brings us.


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